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  1. Each trolley has gone through a thorough quality check in South Africa by The Trolley Company.
  2. The product is guaranteed for 1 year factory related faults/ errors/ mistakes which was not found during the inspections.
  3. Any miss- treatment of the product is not covered in the guarantee (eg. tearing of material, bending of framework or wheel shaft/s, damage due to overloading, breaking of mechanical parts).
  4. The Trolley Company has an outsourced company to do the repairs. The repair and courier costs are for the clients’ account.   
  5. Parts can be purchased by the client, but a waiting period might occur since the parts need to be ordered from China.
  6. The trolley may be returned for a refund within a period of 7 days, but the trolley must still be in a perfect condition together with its accessories in the box. The refund will only take place after a proper inspection has been done. The courier expense for returning the trolley will be the cost for the clients’ account.


  1. The trolley is not suitable for rough terrain and should not be pushed to the limits.
  2. The trolley will pull more difficult in loose sand and gravel. 
  3. Refrain from overloading the trolley.
  4. It is advisable to load most of the weight at the back of the trolley to ease handling of the front wheels.
  5. The front wheels must be in the front/forward direction when start pulling it, especially when carrying weight.
  6. Do not force the trolley handle in or out when it is locked.
  7. Refrain from placing heavy items on the trolley when folded in and packed away.
  8. The brakes are only to be used to keep the trolley static during the loading and off- loading of items.
  9. Make sure the brakes are released before put into use.
  10. The Trolley Company Pty Ltd is not taking any responsibility for any injury, loss of life and or damaging of property which might occur.