About Us

Me and my wife Marianneke started The Trolley Company (Pty) Ltd after visiting a well- known theme park in the Netherlands in 2014. We noticed several theme park visitors walking around with this cute red trolley with their children and or goodies in it.

We thought they were hired trolleys from the theme park and we desperately went to the information desk asking them where we can find or buy these trolleys. Surprisingly they informed us that they don’t have anything to do with it and that it is the property of the theme park visitors. We then eventually found out what chain store is selling the trolleys, which they call wagons.

We bought the basic trolley and immediately realized how convenient the trolley is, especially for our 2 kids, they  just wanted to travel in it the whole time. No questions were asked at the airport since it folds completely in and is treated like a stroller. Being back in South Africa we realized that the trolley is drawing at lot of attention and some people even stopped us to find out where they can purchase such a trolley. We have had to disappoint all the people so far. We are using the trolley constantly on holidays, sport events, festivals, picnics, excursions, visiting friends, etc.

We couldn’t find a similar trolley in South Africa and even went as far as asking a company to manufacture one, but it is too costly. We reached a point where we decided to import the trolleys, but this time we looked for a trolley with some extras, especially taking the African sun and hills into consideration. We succeeded in getting a trolley with an extra luggage compartment, roof and even brakes to keep it still with loading and off- loading. The Jolly Trolly comes with a range of colors in red, blue, black, pink and purple.

Paul Kilian