Mesh Trolley ™ XL Green

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The Mesh XL Trolley is like a work horse for gardening, building sites, farming, sport fields, hospitality industries, office work and even as a toy for children. It offers more than enough strength for hard work. Because of its size it will be easier to steer it in smaller areas, even inside houses and buildings. It will also be easier to transport if need be. The tyres are inflatable and can be deflated to travel smoothly on sand and gravel. All sides can be lowered or removed if needs be.

In stock

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Bucket Measurements 122cm x 60cm x 31cm
Unassembled Box Size 130cm x 67cm x 15cm
Frame Material Heavy Duty Steel
Bucket Material Maintenance and Rust Free
Front Wheels Type 33.2cm Pneumatic Air Tyres
Rear Wheel Type 33.2cm Pneumatic Air Tyres
Load Capacity 400kg
Nett Weight 35kg
Gross Weight 36kg with package
Packing Un- assembled (easy to assemble)
Colour Green

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Weight 35 kg
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